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Thread: SkyStar USB 2 USB HD CI + newcamd

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    SkyStar USB 2 USB HD CI + newcamd

    Does anyone in here know if the TechniSat Skystar USB 2 HD CI is working with acamd and newcamd?

    I've been having a lot of trouble with this device using the BDA-drivers from TechniSat's website. With the latest acamd nothing happens at all when tuning in a channel. The picture is just black and it says: "Key: None" in the acamd monitor.

    If i am using a older version of acamd, like, it does seem to work. It shares the key, but I get a very glitchy pictures that's unwatchable. This has nothing to with reception and signal quality (I've tested that).

    Does anyone know what might cause these problems? Or perhaps better, a solution?

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    Re: SkyStar USB 2 USB HD CI + newcamd


    The best way is to use a popular emulator like gbox or hadu (cccam)
    Find some peers because newcamd is only a client & need a good server.
    Servers are updating evry login & password then...


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