DVB viewer pro 4.2.1 + crack + logos(picon) by raskino

x: EPG HTML Export: Fixed several problems and bugs.

Change: EPG Processing: Fixup for Anxie, RTL and SuperRTL EPG. The viewer tries to map some info from the de--SS--ion to the subtitle.

Change: Wiki links: Depending on the selected ******** the german or english wiki link is shown in the help menu.

Add: New graphics for the Wizard made by rago.

Fix: The brightness setting was reset if started with -c parameter.

Fix: Blu-ray was not started correctly from OSD Videos

Fix: Popup channel list did not focus the correct channel sometimes.

Update: Some German ******** file updated.

Fix: Several fixes in the translation code to avoid problems on faulty ******** files.

Fix: The Popup channellist closes if you leave the window to the right side.

Fix: Some fixes for Unicable support.

Fix: Recordings without EPG were not written to the database.

Fix: Fixes for Skystar 2 Diseqc WDM.

Fix: OSD-Slideshow: The pictures should now keep their aspect ratio.

Removed: OSD-Tele**** mouse support removed.

Change: OSD-Tele****: Now always in 4:3 ratio.

Fix: OSD-Tele****: Several small fixes and changes.

Change: MiniEPG preview: OSD-Up/Down browses the channels, left right the time, OSD-OK switches to the channel.

Ch+/ch- and Fav+/Fav- does switch the channel at once now. You can revert back to the old behavior in the options.

Add: TV + Radio options: Added a option to enable/disable the new MiniEPG behavior.

Change: The OSD Image dialogue keeps the aspect ratio of the image.

Fix: ATSC channel scan: fixed the problem of missing channel names for ATSC channels.

Change: VCR: You can activate auto splitting of a recording if the PMT data changes while it is running.

Add: Recording options: Added an option to enable auto split on PMT data change.

Change: Channel auto update: change the auto update method to the one used for auto splitting recordings.

Fix: Plugins: Fixed a problem on channel change with additional graph rebuild.

Change: If the selected/default recording folder is not found the DVBViewer tries all folders in the recording folder list and takes the first one, which can be used. If no folder was found the default user/public video folder is used.

Change: Data transfer from the service (timer, recordings, EPG lists) can be compressed now, if the service supports it.

Fix: OSD: for channels with mono audio the wrong audio format image was shown.

Change: Channel list: The channel names are now shown with a charset based on the user locales. Thanks @ter9999.

Change: Chinese EPG should show now correctly everywhere (OSD/EPG window). Big Thanks @ter9999 for testing. These changes should also affect other non latin based ********s.

Change: CAM support for Twinhan and KNC1 based cards (EXPERIMENTAL!). Some broadcasters send contradicting CA_Info de--SS--ors on program and ES level, which some CAMs do not handle very well (Hotbird the polish TVN channels as example). Now the CA_PMT ignores the de--SS--ors on the ES level if program level de--SS--ors are present. This is not according to the specs, but seems to work. Please report if you have one of the mentioned cards and experience problems with this new handling.

Fix: ATSC AC3 detection. Some broadcaster use a wrong formated re