Fire Distribution Filesystem available 01/03/2010

Working with bootloader from 25/09/2009

Release “Fire Distribution Beta” 2010.03.01

Ticket #395: Fixed bug: i2c bus conflict.
Ticket #398: Fixed bug: When the LAN cable is connected to the receiver, it doesn’t do the autonegotiation.


Ticket #397: Enhancement: Smartcard: Added support for 6mhz.
Ticket #374: Fixed bug: DVB tuners: Two identical dvb-s2 tuners do not work.
Ticket #358: Fixed bug: avl2108: Some times it doesn’t lock any more.
Ticket #401: Enhancement: New WebInterface for enigma2.
Ticket #399: Enhancement: View channel in streaming with VLC and streamproxy. When watching a DBV-S/S2 channel in the TV, only a DVB-T channel can be streamed to the PC and viceversa. Notice that at the moment is not possible to watch the same channel in the TV and in the PC simultaneously. If a recording is taking place, it’s not possible to stream to the PC any channel from the tuner that it’s been used for recording.
Ticket #404: Fixed bug: E2_LOADEPG: Reloading EPGCache doesn’t work.
Ticket #403: Fixed bug: THe MessageBox when umounting a network mount remains active.
Ticket #389: Fixed bug: Red key show “Instant record” menu.
Ticket #400: Fixed bug: Disable power-on from standby with SenseWheel. It’s configurable.
Ticket #375: Fixed bug: avl2108: It doesn’t lock anymore after stand-by.


Ticket #372: Enhancement: Add support for jpeg and png images as an alternative to the intro video. The image must be named startup.jpg or startup.png, it must be copied inside the directoy /usr/local/duolabs/ and the default intro video must be renamed to something different than startup.mp4
Ticket #402: Enhancement: Added inetd that serves telnet and streamproxy connections.

Update package (this .tbz file):
Ticket #380: Sometimes writing the NOR flash fails (using different approach).
MD5 checksum: 2bd4860c2eb437932714779a14f501a3