LJstc Image 1.3.2010


Here again, a new image of me

If you draufsieht on the box should be LEFT FRONT of the DVB-T tuner and plug in the MIDDLE of DVBS2 tuner.

-) Latest filesystem 1/3/2010

-) Black PICONsLCD Astra 19.2

- Skin) Regular Skin Elegato HD


Newcs starts automatically and is integrated in the Qbox launcher.

Incubus and radar connect to newcs, newcs reads from the cards.

IncubusCam (for SkySD, SkyHD, ORF and ORFHD)

Radar 3.2a (for SkySD, ORFHD, ORF)

) To start or end of current Emu panel (blue button.

Orf LOWER internal card slot ... Sky S02 UPPER card slot!

- Unpack) Rar File
- Copy) QboxHD_Update folder on USB stick
-) On the back of the box Box infected switches toggle switch off and on again
-) Update the work when completed over switches toggle switch box, peel stick switch box again.

-) über die Blaue Taste kann im Emupanel der gewollte EMU aktiviert bzw deaktiviert werden.

mfg LJ


Thx LJstc