Russia approves more channels

By Chris Dziadul
March 4, 2010 08.05 UK

The legalisation of foreign channels for distribution on Russian cable networks is gathering momentum.

AKTR reports that Roskomnadzor, the federal body responsible for licensing channels, has approved the distribution of MCM Top, Mezzo Classic-Jazz, DW-TV, MGM Networks and France 24.

It also says that the right to distribute what are termed “data channels” in Russia is owned by Universal Communications.

National Geographic, Fox Life, Fox Crime and Travel Channel are to be registered as mass media channels.

Other channels registered since the beginning of this year include Animal Planet Channel, Discovery Travel & Living, Discovery Science, Discovery Channel, Discovery HD Showcase, as well as Viasat’s Viasat History, Viasat Explorer, TV 1000 Russian movie and TV 1000Action.