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Thread: MediaPortal 1.1 Games Pack

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    MediaPortal 1.1 Games Pack

    MediaPortal 1.1 Games Pack

    Since most of the games in this pack (not all) weren't maintained or updated for 1.1, here is the MediaPortal games pack i compiled for my personal use. It contains all the games for the MP i could find:

    * Chess v0.3.2
    * Click Mania v1.3
    * Connect 4 v0.4.0.2
    * Frustration v0.2.0.1
    * Hexxagon v0.4.0.1
    * Mastermind v2.1.0.1
    * Minesweeper v0.3.0.1
    * Simon Say v0.6.1.1
    * Yahtzee v0.2

    If there is any more, feel free to tell. MyEmulators was suggested by Dadeo but since I don't use that, I'm having a hard time finding good version to include (3.5-inofficial or official, from SVN).

    All the credits go to the authors of the games!!! I just took the sources and fixed for compile on 1.1. Also fixed a few small bugs but nothing big or worth mentioning Also, if needed I committed the sources back to SVN.

    IMPORTANT: in the pack, you'll find just plugins, but no skin files.. The game should already be supported in the skin you're using or you should ask the author of the skin for the skin file.

    Also, i have to mention that I don't have time to maintain all these games. But IMO, that's not a problem since all of these games were time-proofed I will try to fix major bugs (there is one in Frustration and Minesweeper slow start for now).

    Have fun!
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