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Thread: Zeta Blue and Multivision

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    Zeta Blue and Multivision

    Hi, I need help
    I have a Blue Zeta with soft v.2C272x.
    Can I look Multivision or ART Arabesque with this?
    If yes, you can show me the way to do that?

    CAS 3 (No connection to the damned Zeta) I updated it with Fun 6
    Humax 5100 CI
    some Funcards

    Thx for your help

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    Re: Zeta Blue and Multivision

    I too have a Zeta CAM not sure about the Software I think it's something like v1.00. =/ I had to spend like €20.00(EUR), for someone to reprogram it for me 'couse when I tryed updateing via a Funcard with the above Software (v2C272x),. It basicly f*cked up the CAM.

    What I'd like to know is what 'tools' do you use to update the A*S K*Y on a Funcard 5~7 I'm currently useing 'Fun Via1&2 Editor', allas with very little luck... =(

    I'd be gratfull for a Funcard x for idiots link (if such a thing exists!!)...

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