UPC Direct expanded tests on 1W and DoQ Fishing and Hunting

Satellite platform UPC Direct extended technical tests on the new orbital position at 0.8W / 1W, where telecommunications satellites parked Thor 3 Thor 5 Thor 6 and Intelsat 10-02, on two other programs - and DoQ Fishing and Hunting Channel Hungarian company IKO Cable.

Indirectly and unofficially revealed card UPC DTH Luxembourg Sarl, which will service UPC Direct from the new orbital position to operate.

UPC Direct Access card can decode the two programs - a Fishing and Hunting (hunting and fishing) and DoQ (documentary films). Both these programs are to be disseminated in October 2009 on other transponder at the same position under the platform Digi TV. Both players IKO Cable and RCS / RDS is not agreed on the terms of the further spread of the operator platform and has therefore decided to replace the F + H PV channel like TV. Documentary DoQ been no direct replacement and was never part of the pay offer Digi TV.

Both programs F + H DoQ after some time returned to the position of satellites Intelsat 10-02 and Thor, and started the spread of ESS in the packet, which broadcast programs for the platform Focus Sat. Initially free broadcast was later coded system Conax (Focus Sat card) and now extended to CryptoWorks (UPC Direct card). The length of the tests are known and it is possible that the system will again CryptoWorks disconnected.

technical parameters of income:

Satellite: Thor 6 (0.8W)

Frequency: 11.747 GHz
Polarization: Horizontal
SR: 28000
FEC: 5/6
Standard: DVB-S


Service ID: 1007
Video PID: 7107 (MPEG-2/SD)
Audio PID: 7207 (in Hungarian), 7307 (English / Original), 7407 (in Czech)
encryption (CA system): Conax (Focus Sat) + CryptoWorks (UPC Direct)

Fishing and Hunting Channel

Service ID: 1006
Video PID: 7106 (MPEG-2/SD)
Audio PID: 7206 (in Hungarian), 7306 (English / Original), 7406 (in Czech)
encryption (CA system): Conax (Focus Sat) + CryptoWorks (UPC Direct)

Central European pay-tv UPC Direct was launched almost 10 years ago - in September 2000 as the first digital satellite pay-TV for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. A contract for transponder capacity on the existing Astra satellite system, satellite operator SES Astra will expire at the end of this year. For the future spread of the operator UPC Direct has chosen a different satellite system (and even the orbital position) 0.8W, where the satellites are parked and Thor 5 Thor 6 (dosluhuje here Thor 3).

UPC to the Telenor Satellite Broadcasting (TSBc) in the summer of last year ordered a total of 7 transponders on satellites 5 and Thor Thor 6th UPC Direct will work with the Romanian Focus Sat in sharing the same programs, but both brands will remain. Platform will work with Canal Digital Nordic platform for sharing the same programs (simulcrypt). Which programs will not yet clear.