In the Czech Republic and Slovakia aiming Playhouse Disney

The Czech and Slovak market wants another child to operate TV. Company The Walt Disney Company intends to bring the two markets channel Playhouse Disney, which has so far presented to viewers as a program block on Disney Channel stations designed for pre-schoolers.

Playhouse Disney has the market to replace the existing channel Jetix Play, which will - like Jetix - rebrandován on Playhouse Disney. The Playhouse Disney will head to the CR and SR is not yet known. Inform the

Change from Jetix Play on Playhouse Disney is not all that significant. Jetix Play on virtually the same target group of viewers. Jetix Play is a weaker version of Jetix and educational for children aged four years.

Current channel Jetix Play spreading some cable networks in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. Given that the station's content is located, is low interest in the station operators to include in their bids. On the other hand, the supply of cable and satellite networks nelokalizovaných many children's channels - such as Cartoon Network and Boomerang.

Playhouse Disney could have made use of Czech dubbing with whom the audience has already experienced in that Playhouse Disney programming block on Disney Channel stations in the morning and morning hours.

The biggest competitor for Playhouse Disney is likely Minimax designed for children aged 2 to 5 years. Market still operates stations Bebe TV for toddlers and children's and family channel Disney Channel.