Digi TV off the end of April the old system Nagravision

RCS / RDS, the operator of the multi-regional satellite pay-TV Digi TV, intends to accelerate the transition to the new encryption system Nagravision Media Access (3 Nagravision Nagravision and 4).

Slovak Republic, the old system Nagravision 2 disconnected the end of April / April. This action will prevent possible illegal operator income paid their programs - a complete program menu. Will end the possibility of income via the EMU - without the proper subscription and access card.

Migration to the new encryption system Nagravision Digi TV is in full swing. Proof of this action, the operator now implemented. Customers currently supplies a new card and existing customers to send a new replacement. The new cards have a blue, old white printing.

Exchange of cards by Digi TV is also underway in other countries - in part was completed in Romania. Local customers with an interest in PPV (pay per view) services DigiFilm can receive these channels, only the new access cards.

Process of exchanging cards must be carried out in all six provinces where Digi TV operates. Otherwise, the effort lacked the operator sense. Many programs, it is common to several countries.

Upgrading Nagravision 3/4 is the timing for Digi TV interesting period - the end of April 2010. Just before the arrival of competing platforms UPC Direct the same orbital position 0.8W / 1W. It expects to offer commercial services to the new location from 1.5.2010.