TV4 on channel 8 in TNK decoders

* Rafal Tomasiak

* source: Inf. wl.

On 1st of March 2010 two new stations have been added to the offer of TNK - TV4 (channel 8) and Kino Polska (channel 17). Both channels will be available in a package to recharge. From 1st of April there will be new TNK rates. New clients will not have the possibility of unlimited free watching of 5 basic channels.

From 1st of April there will be new rules on access to the channels without charge for users who activate their cards after 31st of March. Free channels for cards activated after 31st of March remain active for a period of validity of the charge and 12 months after its expiry. In practice, this means that after the expiry of charge, customers will be able to watch 5 basic channels only for 12 months and they would have to recharge the card, even for 1 month (20 PLN) if they still want to watch these stations.

Technical parameters:

HOT BIRD 9 (13E)
tp. 16 (11,508 GHz, pol. V, SR: 27500, FEC: 5/6)

ID: Kino Polska
PID V: 519 (MPEG-2)
PID A: 710
PID PCR: 519
SID: 15808
Encoding: Conax (0B01 - n, 0B00 - TNK)

HOT BIRD 6 (13E)
tp. 132 (11,158 GHz, pol. V, SR: 27500, FEC: 3/4)

PID V: 289
PID A: 290
PID PCR: 289
SID: 13103
Encoding: Conax (0B01 - n, 0B00 - TNK), Nagra MA (N3 - Cyfrowy Polsat, S4 - CYFRA+)