SCT renounces Viaccess PC2.6

* George Kruczek

* Source: inf. incl

Piracy system Viaccess PC2.6 meant that the package sender erotic Satisfaction (SCT) with 8 hardcore channels on satellite Hot Bird - 13E, decided to disable this system for two channels S6 and S7. For now, the other channels in the package SCT (Satisfaction 8) are not yet decoded using the card in Viaccess PC2.6. Market reach new cards have a safer system Viaccess PC4.0. Both channels are also encrypted in Irdeto 2

Blocked access to two great channels SCT:

S6 - Satisfaction Prive
Number of films per day: 3 (repeated throughout the day, the era of change in repertory)
Hours of issue: 24 (clock)

Channel S6 emits a lot of amateur movies, amateur technique performed by the participants themselves private "orgy". Everything the audience in the authentic atmosphere of destinations shares. Not enough of that, at the end of the night marathons, this channel offers the first of its kind reality show "Big Eye", the exclusive production of "Satisfaction", with the participation of 7 people determined to show its most exciting moments of living together.

S7 - Satisfaction Poker
Number of films per day: 4 (repeated throughout the day, the era of change in repertory)
Hours of issue: 24 (clock)

S7 gives channel movies are a mixture of such species and extreme organs, movies with Asians, and cartoons (hentai).

Since 23 February 2010, all channels of the SCT offers are encoded in parallel with Viaccess PC4.0, but the cards in this version of Viaccess not yet hit the retail market in Poland (any day this happens). In addition, encryption is always used in Irdeto 2 and *** VideoGuard (for subscribers to Sky Italia), but these two systems are not popular in Poland.

Customers who bought the old card in Viaccess PC2.6 SCT from reliable distributors, and which still remains a lot of time to terminate the card, they can ask for a replacement card for those in Viaccess PC4.0. Suspect is that slowly the other channels from this package will be switched off in the SCT system Viaccess PC2.6 and remain only in PC4.0, so the exchange of cards is inevitable. Of course all the piracy!

SCT channel reception parameters:
Hot Bird 8 (13.0 ° E)
tp. 50
Frequency: 11.727 GHz
Polarization: V (Vertical)
SR: 27500
FEC: 3 / 4