Televisa boosted by satellite, cable
Written by Iñaki Ferreras and Rose Major
Sunday, 07 March 2010 11:14

Growing sales in the cable, telecoms and satellite businesses of Mexico's biggest media company Televisa helped consolidated sales grow 9.1% in 2009, but free-to-air revenues were static.

Sales grew to 52,352 million pesos (US$4,144 million) in 2009, in comparison with 47,972 million pesos in 2008.

Subscribers to Sky increased by 143,000 of which 140,000 were in Mexico and 3,000 in central America and the Dominican Republic, the highest growth on record for a single quarter. The company said new low-cost offerings were responsible for the rise in subscription growth. Sky now has 1.960 million subscribers.

Televisa's free-to-air broadcasting business reported sales up 0.5% in Q4 last year in comparison with the same period in the previous year. Annual sales also grew 0.5% to 21,561 million pesos in comparison to 21,460 million pesos in 2008.

Televisa is the reference partner of Spain's national private TV channel laSexta and the Mexican media company professed itself satisfied with laSexta's results of 2009.

As for Televisa's enterprises affiliates, the company's participation in them was worth €524.9 million last year, €245.6 million less than in 2008.

Televisa's allocations to Spanish company Mediapro were €35.7 million last year as part of a capital extension. In Q2 last year the Mexican company invested €19.7 million in laSexta and in Q3 an additional €3.9 million.

Televisa had net profits of 6,582.7 million pesos in 2009, 24.6% less than in 2008 as a result of the economic crisis.