UFS910 Enigma2 PKT Ferrari F1 Image

enigma2 Open Source Project SH4 Duckbox GIT-328 Points Mod SVN-343 Ferrari F1 Image of 07/03/2010

Changes by sh4 Duckbox Team:

- TDT merge changes up to rev 2028, TDT thx for updates.
- Commented out a poll operation PVR_COMMIT, it delayed first Timeshift picture for up to 10 seconds
- Updated filepush.cpp from opendreambox git it off Timeshift significanltly improve behavior
- Update patch stboards
- Servicedvd patch for HD Skins - Thanks to rivet
- New deadlock workaround for a problem which does not disturb fwd / rev - thanks to TDT
- Fixed race-conditions using mutex in Audio
- Fix percent avs standby output
- Fix audio problem
- Libeplayer2: Re-enabled 'PLAYBACK_TERM'; indented many # ifdef's for better reading
- Fix dvb subtitel
- Fix DVD menu (is not perfect)
- Fix for dvdplayer button position
- Fix button color in dvdplayer

Changes by PKT:

- New default skin Points F1 HD
- New Emu Manager 0.8.5
- New MOUNT Manager 0.7.4
- Updated Polish translations
- Update lircd - patch for tuners 14W
- Amendment to the GS after changing the channel list
- Patch for viewing seven days a week in Polish standby mode
- Activate the menu 'action after a long pressed power' standby / deep standby / power show menu
- Added Romanian translation by Otheitis
- Update Picon
- Update the channel list
- Added a separate menu for Points Infocenter
- WebcamViewer - Update Camera
- Revised Finnish enigma Timo Jarvenpaa
- Amendments of speed and code optimization
- A list of your favorite radio stations moved to / var / config / SHOUTcast.fav
- Amendment to the GS in the absence of HDD
- Patch for recording deepstandby, from this moment ufs910 properly recorded with deepstandby shallow as well as the standby condition of the tuner to record an disable channel recording with moderate standby is not supported

Known issues: the disappearance of sound - help switch to another channel and back

Image available in two versions, with a experimental version has no sound loss defects but may have problems with certain formats mkv

Polish Team Kathi