Conax in TiVo software alliance

By Julian Clover
March 8, 2010 10.00 UK

Conax has announced plans to offer a fully integrated DVB set-top box platform that combines its conditional access solution with the user interface and PVR features of TiVo.

As one of the few major conditional access providers without a middleware product as part of its offering, Conax will be able to offer the “off-the-shelf” package directly to customers in Europe, including Scandinavia, and India.

Geir Bjørndal, executive vice president of products & markets at Conax, said European customers have made clear that they plan to deploy similar capabilities for the discovery of online video as are being launched in the United States. “We want to create a platform fit for all customers, that is both tailored to the operator’s demands, or available off the shelf”.

Bjørndal added there was already interest from some of its key customers, attracted in part by the cost savings of an integrated platform. “There are many mid-sized operators who would otherwise have a hard time introducing such a platform and we are able to meet them halfway”.

Joshua Danovitz, vice president & general manager international, TiVo Inc, praised Conax for its ability to get projects up and running within a short space of time. “We are very enthusiastic about this new relationship with Conax, particularly because it means operators will soon be able to distribute a highly differentiated, next generation user interface that applies TiVo’s leadership in marrying broadband delivered content with the traditional television experience.”

The announcement comes less than a week after TiVo unveiled its TiVo Premium product for US cable that will also be introduced by Virgin Media from November. It combines regular linear broadcasts with IP-delivered video seamlessly presented through a single interface.

The integrated platform of TiVo software and the Conax security solution will be available for commercial deployment in 2011.