Digi TV confirms the exchange of cards

* 2010-03-09 14:29:16 / Janusz Sulisz
* Last update: 2010-03-09 17:23:57

Already held, the operator of the satellite platform Digi TV will begin a process of sharing code Nagravision cards to the newer version. The new cards make use of modern technology, are safer and higher quality. Swapping was officially announced only in Slovakia. It is assumed that the same step will take place in the Czech Republic. Company DIGI SLOVAKIA, which offers Digi TV in Slovakia, offering customers affected by an exchange, HBO PAK package for free for a month.

Swapping is consistent with the corporate strategy of continuous improvement and development deals. This process only applies Digi TV customers who are using an older type of card codes. These cards expire and require replacement. The new cards are safer.

Customers will receive a mail with the new cards, the code and simple instructions for exchange. Customers will also be required to send back the old card by mail within 8 days of service - of course free of charge. Official deadline for the completion of the exchange of cards is not known, but unofficially it is said by the end of April 2010

Digi Slovakia has 300 thousand. customers. Swapping Digi TV started in Romania in October 2009. The operator mentioned in the first stage card customers who use the service PPV (pay per view) DigiFilm 1 and DigiFilm 2 These two programs are now only coded in the system Nagra Media Access (Nagravision 3 and 4). The purpose of this step, which must take place in all six countries where the working platform is moving to the newer system Nagravision.

Since May, Digi TV will compete for customers with a competitive platform UPC Direct, which will offer its services to the position of 0.8 W. Viewers can expect a better quality SD programs and new programs for HD.