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Thread: Newbie: Astra 19.2

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    Newbie: Astra 19.2


    I have purchased a Diablo 2.3 CAM, loaded Underworld 1.93 and the latest keys I could find on this forum yesterday. I have my dish directed at Astra 19.2 and was hoping to get opened some of the scrambled packages on this sat position. But no success. I read a number of threads on this forum before and made sure I have all the settings on the CAM right. Is there anything currently open at this position?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Newbie: Astra 19.2

    Astra 19.2e is dead! pure and simple, nothing and I mean nothing is open now, and that is not likely to change anytime soon, if you bought that CAM,
    (Or any for that matter) hoping to open something up "Something" on Astra 1. You are going to be very, VERY Disapoined my friend.

    You do not state if the CAM is a "Lite", a "Wireless" (i.e. Zigbee) or the "Wi-Fi" Version.
    Of the Three, your best bet would have been the Wi-Fi, That CAM could theoreticly open stuff up, but only though it's Card Sharing Features.
    Which means you'd have to find someone willing to either share, or give you the Package you were looking for.
    This would also require a 24/7 Internet / Intranet connection as well. DUH!
    The only reason I'm bothering to bring it up is that not everyone has such connections nor do they always want them either. (i.e. Family).

    As far as I know the 2.3 at the moment can only open a few Pr0n Packages up on Hotbird, the same 'ol Crypt*w*ks Bullshit off of 4.8e (e.g. Hustler),
    and AFAIK the only exclusive to 2.3 at the moment, Da Vinci Learning Channel (C*n*x), which is also located at 4.8e.

    The newer Diablo decodes pretty much the same crap sans the C*n*x stuff why would be an excellent question?
    But, if it needed an "Exclusive", then SRG/TSI/TSR (V***cc*ss), at 13.0e would have to be that Exclusive then.

    Which again begs the Question WHY!!
    If the Daiblo Rev. 2.3 can decode ~some~ V***cc*ss encrypted Pr0n Channels on Hotbird, it should theoretically be able to decode them ALL!

    As far as I know those with a Diablo Rev 2.2 can in a word bin 'em if anything other then the old guard crap like Hustler and whatever is left of Kabel Deutschland on 23.5e, or indeed RCS DigiTV @ 0.8w/1.0w hasn't closed down yet, then that's about all that you could hope to open with that CAM.
    The joke being that it would be simpler and cheaper to just use a SoftCAM to open those Packages.

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