Enigma2 Open Source Project SH4 Duckbox GIT-337 Points Mod SVN-147 Ferrari F1 Image

Tuner: Octagon SF1018, AT7000, FS-9200 and other

Changes sh4 Duckbox Team:

- merge tdt changes up to rev 2028, thx tdt for updates.
- commented out poll operation on PVR_COMMIT, it delayed first timeshift picture for up to 10 seconds
- updated filepush.cpp from opendreambox git to significanltly improve timeshift start behaviour
- update stboards patch
- servicedvd patch for HD Skins - Thanks to nit
- new workaround for deadlock problem which does not disturb fwd/rew - thanks to tdt
- Fixed race-conditions using Mutex in Audio
- fix avs standby proc output
- fix audio problem
- libeplayer2: Re-enabled 'PLAYBACK_TERM'; indented many #ifdef's for better reading
- fix dvb subtitel
- fix dvd menue (is not perfect)
- fix dvdplayer button position
- fix button color in dvdplayer

Changes PKT:

- new default skin PKT F1 HD
- new MOUNT Manager 0.7.4
- corrected Polish translation
- fix for GS after change channel list
- update picons
- update channel list
- added new menu for PKT Infocenter
- WebcamViewer - cameras update
- update Finnish Enigma Timo Jarvenpaa
- fix for GS when haven't HDD
- added Czech locales
- update MediaCener - added SHOUTcast radio
- list favourite radio stations -> /var/config/SHOUTcast.fav
- added Webinterface Version: 1.6rc2
- fix for navigate (stability, smooth move) channel list, code optimalization
- fix for display Polish days name on Standby mode
- activation mode moderate Standby in BP
- fix for mount CIFS and NFS
- activation NTFS filesystem
- activation automount for devices connected to USB - mountpoint -> /media
- added Romanian translation E2 (superonic, costel_mbc, neutrin, otheitis, cipy_1982, neutrin, runcanion)
- update drivers for card reader - should work all the cards in the system N3
- oscam by BP soon

Best regards,
Polish Kathi Team