Al Jazeera Sports increase prices for World Cup

Mr. Nasser Bin Ghanim Al Khulaifi general director of Al Jazeera Sports Said that the subscription price to watch the World Cup soccer match hosted by South Africa this summer, in the period between June 11 and July 11 is $ 130 for non-subscribers to Al Jazeera Sports Package basic, although they will receive a separate bouquet to watch games and events of the next World Cup only, while the current Al Jazeera Sports subscribers will be the planned increase on the prices of their cards to obtain the additional package to watch the World Cup is $ 100.

There will be 5 channels Al Jazeera Sports channel, including full under the title "World Cup channel" in addition to channels +9 and +10 and Al Jazeera "HD", and channel three-dimensional "3D" specifically to cover all events and activities of the World Cup, through Al Jazeera Sports Cards and receiver Al Jazeera Sports (HD receiver) only, and not through any other package.

Comes of these decisions in the administration's preparations Jazeera Sports Channel to provide excellent coverage and unprecedented for the World Cup of the next studio analysis and commentary in Arabic and English, where preparations are underway in full swing to provide exclusive and comprehensive coverage of all World Cup events and Kowalish manner media is keen on innovation and excellence.

The management of sports viewers, dear island offers a range of pleasant surprises during the broadcast and the transfer of the events of the next World Cup to increase enjoyment of the matches in the tournament.

The Khulaifi had announced earlier that the channel will broadcast the World Cup, technology three-dimensional (3D).

The three-dimensional broadcast of a technological revolution, so this will allow the system to see the scenes of the island sports a three-dimensional stereoscopic images of superior quality and placed in direct contact with the event transferred to feel as though located inside the stadium.

It should be noted that the use of the island sports such modern technology is a major precedent where it will be the first channel in the broadcast technology, "3D" between the Arabs and the first three in the world all