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Thread: Can 2 users use same port

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    Can 2 users use same port

    Hi i run Mbox .4 0023

    i already have someone on port 3333 and another wants to join using the same port eg: "********.no-ip.or* { **** 3333 { AAAAAA**"

    will this be a problem?

    i assume so but could be wrong!

    anybody Know?

    help appreciated

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    Re: Can 2 users use same port

    No, if its your port dont worry, you can put five peers on one port to be stable, and if its the peer port, dont worry your peers could have same port everybody.

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    MBox Control (Win32) v1.4
    I have 2 AZBox evo xl USB

    My PC has 2 serial ports, i've individualy tested both and they work fine with MBox Control.

    I need to run 2 MBox Control (win32) 1.4 on my PC at the same time but every time i open one the other stops.

    I'ts not a COM port confict

    One MBox is setted S: { COM3 115200 }
    the second MBox is setted S: { COM1 115200 }

    i need help to run both 2 at the same time


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    Re: Can 2 users use same port

    yes you with VSPE

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