Duna TV and Duna II end broadcast on 13E. Move to Thor 5

Hungarian Duna TV channel Television and Duna II Autonomia end analog and digital broadcasting by satellite Hot Bird, orbital position 13 degrees east. Both programs will move to the satellite Thor 5 (0.8W),. It will further strengthen the position of the Scandinavian satellite operator Telenor Satellite Broadcasting (TSBc).

Duna TV ends in the analog transmission (PAL) at 13E on frequency 10.816 GHz, horizontal polarization. Will end here SCPC channel Duna II Autonomia, which uses part of the same trasponder (freq 10.829 GHz, pol H SR 3333, FEC 3/4). Both programs are to expire 1/4/2010. From that date the entire transponder free and can be used to expand their range of digital broadcasting, or expand their range of HD programs. Virtually the analog broadcasts will be buried at 13E. The only program in analog there will be just the French TV5 Monde Europe.

Duna TV Duna II with 18/3/2010 start broadcasting on the new satellite Thor 5 (0.8W). Viewers DTH reception, cable and satellite platform will have a few days realignment to a new position.

technical parameters of the new programs Duna TV and Dubai II from 18/3/2010:

* Thor 5 (0.8W), freq 12.341 GHz, pol V, SR 28000, FEC 7/8, DVB-S

The multiplex will be disseminated in three programs: Duna TV HD (MPEG-4/HD), Duna TV (MPEG-2/SD) and Duna II Autonomia (MPEG-2/SD). Posting is free, royalty-free.

The reason for the transition Duna TV channel to another position the expiration of the original contract with satellite operator Eutelsat. Duna TV operator announced a contract for satellite capacity for its programs. Best Offer, Telenor with the promise of attracting additional position for the Hungarian market. In addition to the platform Digi TV on adjacent positions 1W (Intelsat 10-02) from the satellites Thor 5 and Thor 6 (0.8W) will soon broadcast and competitive platform UPC Direct.