Persian Film Festival 13°E

March 12, 2010 year, the official journals started Persian Persian Movie Channel. This station is a film that presents the American film productions from the original lecturer (English) and Arabic subtitles. The program appears to be relatively fresh items from the USA. Persian film gave Ramówka test since 1 March, the board previously presented information.

Persian film has some relationship with Iran Film Music TV (Iran FMTV) and Iran Mohajer Network TV (MNTV Iran). Of programming these stations also abound in the films from the U.S., including a novelty. This package will soon join another channel - Persian Star TV. All channels gives the operator Media Broadcast transponder capacity on the 117 satellite Hot Bird 6 (13E). FMTV sponsors Iran and Iran are unknown MNTV Genesis, Volform, ChehreSazan, Tiraie salamati and others.

On offer Persian film film mainly consists of action films, do not exclude the introduction of software and other items, however, as at March 12 was observed only films from the U.S. and teleshopping blocks.

Technical parameters Persian Movie:

Hot Bird 6 (13E)
tp. 117 (10.853 GHz, pol. H, SR: 27500, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S/QPSK)

ID: Persian Video
V PID: 6010
A PID: 6020
PCR PID: 6010
SID: 8660
PMT PID: 6000
Encoding: none