Dear All,

I hope someone can help me with this and am very grateful in advance.

My brother has bought a Dreambox DM800 HD PVR device.
He was able to watch encrypted channels with it.
The guy at the shop asked him to bring it whenever the encrypted channels stop opening.
So whenever they stopped working my brother took it to the guy who did sthg which i do not know to make the channels work again.

The shop who sold him the unit has closed and I have no idea what kind of update I need to do to to see encrypted channels on that box.
I am familiar with Microbox/Abracadabra updates, but not Dreambox.
While trying to browse on the net, I have noticed too much stuff available for dreambox that I do not know what I need to update.

Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Find below some information:

Upon booting, the unit displays on TV "The GP2" (which stands for Gemini project 2 I assume) and says "Loading Enigma".
The About section shows the following:

BoxType: DM800
Kernel: Linux
Release: 0360

Image: 2008.06.19
Enigma: 2008.06.19