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Thread: Octagon HD Tools & Edito

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    Octagon HD Tools & Edito

    AAF Formel 1 Image OCTAGON SF1018 (HD-BOX und baugleiche)

    AAF Formel1 Image

    Image Info

    Changelog seit letzten Release:

    SH4 Duckbox Projekt git rev342:
    + Autoshutdown nach timer fix
    + Kernel config Updates
    + Tonstotter fix
    + Standby fix
    + record timer fix
    + DVB Untertitel Fix
    + fix DVB HD Untertitel Skalierung
    + DVD Menü fix
    + DVD Button color fix
    + DVD Button Position fix
    + fix proc colorformat output
    + fix dts and lpcm dvd audio
    + add libdreamdvd and e2 bypass codes to audio bypass func
    + fix proc entry DISCARD_LATE_FRAMES
    + add new player2 modulparameter discardlateframe 0=never 1=always 2=aftersync (standard). with 0 the bug no sound in zap is fixed.
    + add new player2 modulparameter useoldaudiofw=1. with this you can use older audio.elf firmeware with dts decoding support (dts downmix).
    + Tuxtext fixes
    + WLAN Kenel Modul support gefixt

    SD Skin für TV mit Scar

    AAF: ( Basis Flash M2471)
    + Nemesis BlackBox SD Skin für Scart Benutzer
    + Neue tuxtxt Schrift
    + tuxtxt Position optimiert
    + Timeshift State Anzeige im Default Skin
    + MediaCenter Audioplayer nimmt nun auch Covers die cover.jpg / cover.png heißen
    + Picon Support im Default Skin
    + added GraphMultiEPG with Picon Support
    + Standby nur für Medien mit über 50GB
    + Scart Abschaltung im (Soft-)Standby
    + fixed VFDdisplay "OFF" in Softstandby
    + Option im AAF Panel um alte Audio Firmware zu benutzen (für DTS Downmix)
    + FAT Dateisystemcheck im Menü hinzugefügt
    + jfs_fsck hinzugefügt um HDD auf Fehler am Dateisystem reparieren zu können
    + Treiber für Kartenleser hinzugefügt (kann nun mit untestützten Emus benutzt werden)
    + Shutdown Menü Update
    + einigere kleinere fixes

    Danke an die sh-receivers-developers für das super Basis Image und allen die dieses Image ermöglicht haben.

    HDD wird unter /autofs/nonlabel gemountet

    [QUOTE]umount /dev/sda1jfs_tune -L RECORD /dev/sda1amount/QUOTE]Fall2:
    HDD wird überhaupt nicht gemountet

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    Re: Octagon HD Tools & Edito

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    Re: Octagon HD Tools & Edito

    AAF Formel 1 Image OCTAGON SF1018 (HD-BOX und baugleiche)
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    EpgScan Version 0.6
    Version from V10844

    A playback channel is used to scan the EPG data.

    In the standard mode of the second (PIP) channel is used. In Fashion SF1008
    the Haupkanal used because no second tuner is available.

    After the launch of the satellite of the current viewing channel is determined.
    If a tuner is not used and the second playback channel is free, is scanned.
    Now the assembly of all of the satellite transponder is read.
    This will always receive the "first" TV-channel of a transponder for 10 seconds.
    However, it takes a complete cycle of EPG data up to 60 seconds.

    PIP during the scanning is interrupted.
    If the second tuner, used for a recording of the scan is interrupted.
    is the box is not in "normal" mode, the scan is interrupted.
    E.g. Teletext, menu or info display.

    Is changed to a different satellite, it will be scanned.
    After returning the current scan of the satellite will continue.
    After all transponders are once happened, nothing more.

    The EPG data can be stored. However, not the data to
    The firmware can be reloaded.
    So, after restarting a new scan is necessary.

    Since the second playback channel is used, while the scan when you turn on PIP always the newly scanned channels active.
    Then again, everything is "normal".

    The scan on Astra 19.2 takes for me at the moment about 20 minutes.

    The log file is currently on / STORAGE / HDD / .epgscan.log written as it is with me with debug info quite large.

    Test, as always, at your own risk. Particularly with respect to botched recordings.
    Since I do not use cards, I can not say anything about the behavior or with Sky HD.
    After initial testing in the Forum are no problems with HD.
    After all, does the scanner every few seconds, a little computer time and a tuner will set again.

    If the two tuners in various dishes (LNBs), by is not the whole work.
    If the two tuners in the loop mode is used, no idea whether it works.

    With a configuration file (/ var / EpgScan.cfg), the scan can be influenced.

    Configuration parameters:

    logepgscan = / STORAGE / HDD / .epgscan.log
    Create Log File. If commented out, then no log file

    Fav fav = A special list as the primary scan input use.
    In determining the number of the list are given, starting with 0
    separated with a comma may also be given several favorites.
    Default: all favorites

    Choose Air only fta channels for the scan.

    favonly only work off the favorites, ignore all the other transponders.
    Otherwise, only the favorites are scanned, then then all the others.

    scan time = scan time in seconds per transponder

    savepath = storage path for EPG data

    exitonscancomplete the program closes when the current satellite
    scan is complete.

    SF1008 = 2:00,4:00
    SF1008 = start time, end-SF1008 fashion. If the receiver is in the
    specified period started, start the scan. Otherwise
    is the plugin immediately.

    summer time offset = 60
    Offset for daylight saving time in minutes as long as the API can not do this
    is manual work, unfortunately.

    V0.6 (05/10/2010)
    - Log file can be disabled
    - Expansion sf1008mode. The scan is performed on the Main Canal
    Therefore possible with only one tuner. If the remote control is pressed,
    the scan is complete. (When recording is interrupted)
    So far, no possibility to send the box in standby.
    - Summer time CFG file (can be up to the API)
    - Index for EPG data will automatically ezeugt

    V0.5 (07/09/2010)
    - Conversion to PlugIn API V1.02. Therefore, from only V10837 used.
    - Saving the EPG data. These are all channels of a 'transponder selected
    - Shut down after scanning the current satellite

    - Scan Algoritmus revised
    - Configuration file moved to / var

    V0.3 (30/06/2010)
    - Processing time reduced. There was little stuttering in the determination of the next transponder
    - Option "favonly" to
    - Configuration is moved to a file.

    V0.2 (06/28/2010)
    - Fixed bug in scan during playback.
    The inquiry sat in the API crashes when an invalid transponder
    is in the API data structure.
    - At the first scan, the transponders used from Favorites
    - It can be given a specific list of favorites
    - The scan may be limited to fta channels. Tranponder without fta channels
    be scanned at all any more.

    First version

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    WebZeal-20110322.tar --> SF1028P 
    WebZeal-20110322 --> WebZeal-20110322.mnt --> SF1008SE+ & SF1028P
    Änderungen / News : 
    - Nutzung Wireless Tastatur & Maus verbessert
      Toolbar für URL eingabe/edit eingebaut
      Display Eingabe Löschen, Alles Löschen Funktion mit Wireless Maus gelöst
    - Popup OSD Abfrage für Stop WebZeal eingebaut
    - Virtual Eingabefeld Typ Normal / Numerisch wählbar Funktion verbessert
    - Interface for using Wireless Keyboard & Mouse improved
      Toolbar for editing website address added
      Displaying Input Text, Delete, Delete All menu when click search bar by Wireless Mouse solved
    - Exit message Will you stop running the WebZeal added
    - Virtual keyboard type setting option as Normal and Numeric by Remote Control improved
    29 March 2011
    Octagon SF 1028P HD Twin_Internet-Browser_WebZeal_V1.80s

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    Re: Octagon HD Tools & Edito

    SetEdit Octagon SF918 SF908 USB Vollversion-Crack

    Tools - Editors Programs/USB PVR SD Models

    NEW : SetEdit Octagon SF918 SF908 USB Vollversion-Crack - FULL Version

    Loader for SetEdit v1.13

    Copy the loader.exe in the SetEdit918 Directory and start it ...

    kopieren sie loader.exe + lic datei zu C:\Programe\SetEdit918 und starten sie loader.exe

    loader.exe + lic datei zu C:\Programe\SetEdit918 kopyalayin ve loader.exe baslatin
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    Re: Octagon HD Tools & Edito

    Octagon HD Tool jango1.26
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    Re: Octagon HD Tools & Edito

    New jango1.27
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    Re: Octagon HD Tools & Edito

    Octagon IPTV Editor
    the first version of IPTV editor for octagon so if there are any problems let me know
    -The program downloads from our tv ip file server and turns it into files for Octagon
    -the program turns m3u file into the feed file to octagon
    -The program can also download from an external link just to be in the m3u format (does not work with links from the IPTV panels)

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