Al Jazeera Sports allocate five channels for the World Cup in South Africa

These channels Al Jazeera Sport + 9, +10 Al Jazeera Sports, Al Jazeera Sports HD, 3D and Al Jazeera Sports Al Jazeera Sports World Cup with a $ 100 fee that will pay existing subscribers interested in the World Cup 2010.

Existing subscribers can enjoy the World Cup transmittance through these five channels mentioned paying $ 100, while non-subscribers can purchase the smart card at a cost of $ 130 including also the view of the basic package consisting of eight eight channels and valid for a period of six months from the date of subscription.

This is confirmed by Al Jazeera Sports that remains unclear whether it will offer high-definition channels and 3D via satellite reception for the European continent and North Africa, such as the Badr (26 East) and Hot Bird (13 East ).