Sky buys 15,000 3D TV sets from LG

Tuesday, March 16 2010, 13:17 GMT

By Andrew Laughlin,

Sky has reportedly purchased 15,000 3D-ready TV sets from Korean manufacturer LG in preparation for the rollout of its 3D service to pubs around the UK.

The satellite broadcaster's new 3D channel will launch to selected pubs next month, before expanding to Sky's top tier TV customers later in the year.

Under the partnership deal, LG will supply a batch of its new 3D TVs to be installed by Sky engineers at public venues around Britain before weekly 3D Premier League matches commence in the spring.

The rollout follows the firm's first public broadcast of 3D football to nine selected pubs for Arsenal's game against Manchester United at the end of January.

Sky is also currently demonstrating its 3D service at the Westfield shopping centre in London, including tennis, golf, boxing, ballet, movies and live music content.