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Thread: HELP Please !!!

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    Exclamation HELP Please !!!

    Wonder if anyone could help.

    I downloaded and installed cccam2.1.3 commplete.

    As far as I understand, I have everything I need to cardshare, so I exchange c line for me and f line for others to connect to me.

    I add the c line and make the f line and give those to friends, or whatever.

    When I add c line I can see in the server list who is online and who is off line and I seem to connect fine and get packages no problem, only problem is in shows client page has nothing no client off line or otherwise and others can not connect to me, and they delete me since they can not connect and share.

    Where am I going wrong? what else do I need to do to let other connect to me?
    I made factory settings on my ruter ( and configured again) , I installed new .img on my dreambox and managed settings again , and the problem is the same I CAN SEE SERVERS BUT NO CLIENTS,NOBODY CAN SEE ME !

    Am connect to internet through router who is configured with dyns name .

    Do I need to add my dyns name in the cccam.cfg file and if so what line?

    Thanks for any assistance.

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    Re: HELP Please !!!

    open u ports m8 in router

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