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    technomate 1000d

    hi there, I am new and would like to know if possible clearing any scramble channels on technomate 1000D, and how ? ( hotbird 13e, astra 19e )

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    Re: technomate 1000d

    rai 1 2 3 4 clear on hotbird you have to download the necessary se** keys from this forum. you will need to download a loader first then a patch and then the softcam keys. if you can get the sirus sat @ 4.8 east there are a few ch annels on that sat position in crypt***** better still the dig*** channels are available on thor sat in nagr****** 2 all of these should be available with the latest patch & softcam keys

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    Re: technomate 1000d

    HI mat

    just have look up hear

    have nice day

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