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Thread: Mpcs for QBoxHD

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    Mpcs for QBoxHD

    mpcs-ftv_ver 0.42


    ver 0.42
    - A new filter CAID for multiple connections. Bu activate it you must type in the [global]
    Filter options for the zcaem bigger than zero eg Filter = 2000 Values can be administered individually
    each user, for Opticum must enter a value close to prevent any ClientTimeout
    CAID with long responses
    - Added option User in [DVB] - enter the cortex where the user is defined in the [account]
    Allows you to configure the DVB-CAM, adding a dozwoloneych CAID, Ident and the Services may be determined
    what channels are to be seen for what CAID
    Jezlei this option is not there, you use the default internal user
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