PKT mod 9.2 Tideglo rev 0.9.2 for Ipbox 900HD - USB Version

Changes PKT:
- Bringing fashion to rev 0.9.2 Tideglo
- New F1 design fashion
- Two new skins:
PKT_F1-lite - displays less information thanks tuner works faster (default)
PKT_F1 HD - displays all the information
- Charging drivers to change the way readers (newcsa run faster), only the phoenix
- The ability to change TV output when starting the tuner (similar to a firmware DGSA - click on the 'menu' on the front panel when starting the tuner) - BP -> Settings -> Auto TV Out
- Added into Romanian
- Fixed Finnish language
- Volume control right-left
- "Yellow" call to plugins
- Added support for Aspect Ratio of "green" for Media Player
- Update Picon
- Update the channel list
- Added a separate menu for Points Infocenter
- WebcamViewer - Update Camera
- Amendments of speed and code optimization
- Amendment to the GS in the absence of HDD

Known bugs:
Internal RSS not working - need to wait for the driver Tideglo.
CIFS mount does not work

Regards Polish Kathi Team

PKT mod 9.2 Tideglo rev 0.9.2 Ipbox 900HD