PKT mod 9.2 Tideglo rev 0.9.2 for Ipbox 910 and 91HD - USB Version

Changes PKT:
- Bringing fashion to rev 0.9.2 Tideglo
- New F1 design fashion
- Two new skins:
PKT_F1-lite - displays less information thanks tuner works faster (default)
PKT_F1 HD - displays all the information
- Charging drivers to change the way readers (newcsa run faster), only the phoenix
- The ability to change TV output when starting the tuner (similar to a firmware DGSA - click on the 'menu' on the front panel when starting the tuner) - BP -> Settings -> Auto TV Out
- Added into Romanian
- Fixed Finnish language
- Volume control right-left
- "Yellow" call to plugins
- Added support for Aspect Ratio of "green" for Media Player
- Update Picon
- Update the channel list
- Added a separate menu for Points Infocenter
- WebcamViewer - Update Camera
- Amendments of speed and code optimization
- Amendment to the GS in the absence of HDD

Known bugs:
Internal RSS not working - need to wait for the driver Tideglo.
CIFS mount does not work

Regards Polish Kathi Team

PKT mod 9.2 Tideglo rev 0.9.2 Ipbox 910HD

PKT mod 9.2 Tideglo rev 0.9.2 Ipbox 91HD