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Thread: cas interface 2 usb

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    Question cas interface 2 usb

    question can cas 2 interface usb program diablo 2 thanks for your help

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    Re: cas interface 2 usb

    Quote Originally Posted by petty View Post
    question can cas 2 interface usb program diablo 2 thanks for your help
    AFAIK: No!

    To Program the Diablo / Diablo² CAM you'll need One of the following;

    CAS 2+
    CAS 3+ or the

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    Exclamation Re: cas interface 2 usb


    When I got my cas2 plus I tested it first with an old matrix rev. cam. It updated correctly and I also accessed it from the "common interface host".
    While with the Diablo 2 (hw.rev. 3.9), when I tried to access through the "common interface host" I get "initializing CI module" and "CI module not installed" repeatedly. The Cam was using the default firmware (1.01 boot 2.1). I am using the latest Cas Studio v 8.7.0 on xp_sp3
    On the "Diabl2 Cam Programmer" menu, I can access the CAM filesystem.
    I also did a backup of the CAM disk and upgraded to a new soft. Ipnosis010.
    The process terminated ok, but on the "common interface host" I still can't access the CAM.

    Is it normal for the Diablo 2, not to work with the "common interface host" on Cas2+???
    Does it happen with the Cas3+ also?

    Another question regarding the Sim slot of the diablo 2. After I instert a Sim card in it, should I be able to use the Sim Editor or Wincrypt on the Utilities menu ???
    Because they are shown grayed out every time.

    Best regards

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    Re: cas interface 2 usb

    I can not directly comment on the SIM Editor / Wincrypt as I do not use those Features, but AFAIK the SIM Editor is for GSM SIM Cards ONLY!! (i.e. Mobile Phone [Subscriber Identification Modules]). Wincrypt I ~think~is for use with setting up Private Security Cards (i.e. Fun Cards), to act like a Secure Token for Computer Terminals and such. You wouldn't be able to ~physically~ access any SIM from there you would need some kind of full size Card SIM Jig to allow such access as if the "SIM" were a full size Card.

    With the CAS3+ I can use the Common Interface Host Software just fine, to check K*ys out and if need be edit 'em or make such changes as needed.

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    Re: cas interface 2 usb

    I thought if I put a GSM Sim card on my diablo 2, I could use the Sim Editor just to see messages or numbers or something like this...

    Since the "Common Interface Host" works fine with the cas3+ on diablo2, I guess the problem is related to cas2+ and this cam
    (since with the matrix cam I can access the common interface host like you).
    Maybe someone else that has a Cas2+ and Diabl2 can confirm if this thing is general or only a bug or something else on my part.

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    Re: cas interface 2 usb

    AFAIK you could use the CAS2+ to read out a SIM Card, again the problem is getting the Card into the reader.
    It's not like you could just slip it in, you'd need to have the "Card" that came with the SIM and then try to re-fit the SIM to that Card, and use that "Card" like a "Jig" to then read it out.

    The "SIM" Slot on the Diablo / T-Rex and co. has nothing to do with GSM (or the related SIMs), it's there to act as a second Card Reader in a SIM format, and yes a few Providers offer such Smartcard to there Customers.

    Again this might be a stupid question, but are you sure that you do not need to attach some other "Attachment(s)" to your CAS2+?
    I can't understand why you'd be able to run the updates, but can't use the CI Host.
    Then again why would it matter?
    I hardly ever even use this function, unless the CAM is givng me connection problems, this happens less frequently then with my old Diablo Wireless rev. 2.2 (Zigbee), but it still happens.
    Running that part of the Program seems to unstick it sometimes.

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    Re: cas interface 2 usb

    tnx for explaining that.
    Regarding the CI host like u said it doesn't matter much but just my curiosity though, why it will not access the cam.
    Read on the official forum a post with a similar topic and the moderator answer was that "it may be a cas software bug.
    Sometimes if you run other programs at the same time as cas software it gives error messages."

    p.s. There are some attachment that came with the Cas like the dummy card and its cable, but they are used for other purpose I guess

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    Re: cas interface 2 usb

    I had horrendous problems with CAS2+ and Diablo.

    Used to have to use only certain PCs with an older version CAS (turn the clock back ) and even then it sometimes wouldn't work. This despite the fact it could program Matrix CAMS and the like perfectly.

    Once I'd moved to CAS3+ then never a problem.

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