i have sly de full. i use 2.1.4.
i only search these local cards:

- d+ full with la liga and hd.
- sly ita with calcio and hd
- totaltv with arena1234 and hd
- pink full

1.) all you fu***g payservers keep away from me!!!
2.) i don't need reshare and don't give reshare -> just you and me
-> in order of stability
3.) only local card
4.) you are 24/7 available
5.) i only accept c-line and 2.1.4 version..others i will block.
6.) low ecm time: max.200ms on sly ita and max.500ms on d+.
7.) you have low ping
8.) fakers (csp,cline,.s.o.) will be reported
9.) for further communication i prefer msn.
10.) send me your c-line for test

if you accept these conditions feel free to send me an PM