End of SCT on the Viaccess PC2.6 cards

* Jacek Grzeszczak
* Last update: 2010-03-21 17:28:26
* Source: inf. incl

The sender of erotic package SCT / Satisfaction 8, which consists of 8 channels of hardcore broadcast satellite Hot Bird 8 (13.0 E), due to widespread piracy system Viaccess PC2.6 excluded the coding system and thereby cut off the owners are legally purchase cards. All customers who lost access will presumably soon be subject to exchange cards or receive compensation, but only if you bought the card at some retailers. Viaccess PC2.6 announcement off because of piracy occurred in the communications SCT. Two channels have disappeared from the SCT has issued several days earlier.

The problem does not affect the cardholders Irdeto 2

PC4.0 Viaccess cards are on the market (including Polish) from the beginning of March 2010, so who bought the card after that date - have the latest version. The remaining customers who bought the old card in Viaccess PC2.6 SCT from reliable distributors, and which still remains a lot of time to terminate the card, they can ask for a replacement card for those in Viaccess PC4.0.

The reason for the exchange of cards and the abandonment of the system Viaccess PC2.6 is piracy. Please note that such changes are independent sellers, and they can not be predicted because the sender of the channel (here - Italian company) did not communicate this in advance. Buying cards in certain distributors with years of experience you can count on help in this situation and make the exchange. Lose Those seeking the lowest possible purchase hit the small firms, which have not receive aid. Sometimes it is not worth fighting for 5zł savings, because then you lose more.

SCT channel reception parameters:

Hot Bird 8 (13.0 E)
tp. 50
Frequency: 11.727 GHz
Polarization: V (Vertical)
SR: 27500
FEC: 3 / 4