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Thread: PC-Tool Bouquet Editor Suite v1.03

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    PC-Tool Bouquet Editor Suite v1.03

    PC-Tool Bouquet Editor Suite v1.03

    - Now show current channelcount
    - Namefilter now can turn into realtime filter
    - Dyndns support
    - Add subchannelsupport in the bouquets
    - On airvideo export now you can select the bouquets
    - Add new language (Vlaams)
    - Picon and symlink check corrections
    - Extract picons now had the right path
    - Air video export now works with special chars in the bouquetname
    - Don't create unused directorys on export anymore
    - Export bouquetpicons to box now export all channels
    - Filter now works with channelnames with "'" in the name
    - Delete bouquets now don't destroy the bouquetindex
    - Export namepicons now works when special chars in the name
    - Copy and paste channel now works
    - Save on exit don't save a empty channellist anymore
    - DVB-T dont show as "-" in satellites anymore
    - Export local picons dont't ignore symlinks anymore
    - Import local picons now works correct
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