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Thread: DM800 BL75 Patched Ferrari SIM Only NFI Images

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    DM800 BL75 Patched Ferrari SIM Only NFI Images

    Dream Elite Black Hole 1.0 ferrari patched

    Dreambox Drivers: 17.1.2010
    Secondstage #75
    Meoboot version 0.94
    Enigma2 CVS: 22.1.2010
    CVS commit: 7c75162a934f5cb088801396f2b3129d74a119e6
    Bootlogos: by Army
    Skin: HD Army Base awesome HD skin with large size fonts and panels

    This image is a final Black Hole serie, entirely rewrote and recoded to have maximum stability and performance.
    We remember that black hole serie images have the best epg system available:
    - Integrated Openepg for Sky-it Sky-uk Sky-Au
    - Latest CVS enigma2 Epg features
    - New external epg.dat system.

    Therefore, each board or community can create its favourite EPG data files, and upload it to a web space. Community members can then download it from that server.
    This feature offers additional benefits, such as:
    EPG download increased speed
    EPG download from any channel
    EPG scheduled download also during standby
    User set EPG Providers Add/Remove

    New Boot logo by Army

    Main Function Keys
    Button 1xOK = Light Info Skin
    Button 2xOK = Extra Info Skin
    Button Blue = Dream ELite Blue Panel
    Button 1x Blue + 1x Yellow = Dream Elite Epg Panel
    Button 1x Blue + 1x Yellow = New System Monitor Panel
    Button Blue-Long-Push = Extensions
    Button Green = Dream Elite Green Panel
    Button Green-Long-Push = Subservices
    Button 1x Green + 1x Red = CCcam Info
    Button Red = Start Record
    Button Yellow = Time Shift


    Dedicated Addons Server
    Download and install additional packages from Dream Elite server


    Enigma2 Analogic Clock
    Channel Orbital Position
    Advanced Tuner Info: Sr Freq Pol Fec
    Signal SNR, BER
    Infobar Picons
    LCD/OLED Picons
    Advanced EMU information

    Dream Elite Panels features
    1) Blue Panel
    Black Hole Cron Manager
    Black Hole EPG Panel
    OSD Settings
    Devices Manager
    Kernel Modules Manager
    LCD Settings
    Fast Plugin Settings
    Inadyn Settings
    Swap File Settings
    Hard Disk Setup
    Dream Elite Mount Wizard
    OpenVPN Panel
    Samba/Cifs Panel
    NFS Server Panel
    Telnet Panel
    FTP Panel

    System Monitor Panel

    CCcam Info
    Service Info
    Enigma2 Settings


    Select EMU by Channel

    2) Green Panel

    CCcam Info
    Fast Plugin

    Addons Download Manager
    Manual Install Del packages
    Manual Install IPK packages
    Addons Uninstall Panel
    Dream Elite Statistics


    Many thanks to the Beta Testers Team.
    Many thanks to Rytec for all the epg servers providing precompiled Epg.dat for Dream Elite Image.

    E2 Sky Epg loader integration by MaxZ4.
    Army for the new HD Base Skin V15.
    Many Thanks to lukkino (VDR-Italia) for opentv source code.
    Many thanks to Reinh@rd for the satellites.xml file.

    This image have to be installed in flash. Dream-Elite Team will not support images not installed in flash.

    Not tested !!!


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    Re: DM800 BL75 Patched Ferrari SIM Only NFI Images

    Newnigma2 v2.8.4 for DM800 HD ferrari patched

    * Enigma2 2.6: 19.02.2010
    * Enigma2 Plugins 2.6: 19.02.2010
    * Newnigma2 Plugins: 19.02.2010

    DM 800 HD PVR
    * driver: 17.01.2010
    * secondstage: 75

    * new plugin
    Blue Button -> Newnigma2 Services -> System Tools -> Expert Menu
    Here you can allow to install Picons into the flash, or you can activate the picondebug (missing picons will be added to "the missing-skin-hd-picons.txt" file).
    * new option:
    Menu Button - Settings -> System -> Harddisk -> Harddisk Settings
    Here can set the USB harddisk in the standby modus. standby settings are from 10 seconds to 4 hours valid.
    * keymap: neutrino and neutrino_half:
    shift + 1 = power on from standby.
    * config-saver:
    ΄ crashes with the SD-Skins are fixed.
    * nfs-server:
    NFSD-modul will be now loaded at startup, this fixes errors in 2.8.3.
    * opkg:
    installation and unintall of plugins now works properly. There were some problems with 2.8.3.
    * picon-hd-skin: fixes
    SKY Bundesliga Picons are now shown on all feeds. Some picons are completely rebuilded. The 3D picons are completly new.
    * new skins:
    only support for skins, that are on the feed.

    It is possible to update from 2.8.3 to 2.8.4 via Softwareupdate or console.

    With the release of our 2.8.3 image there have been introduced some quite generic changes, for example: it was not possible to install picons to flash, or the linking of USB-Memory-Sticks was removed. With the current 2.8.4 image these kind of changes were further extended.

    DM800 users can now install the picons in the flash again. But be carefully there is limited space avaible. DM8000 can install the picons to the flash too, there will be a Picon folder in the root of the image, DM8000 has enough space to store picons in flash.

    The linking of of devices like an usb stick in the devicemanager is gone. There were too much problems with linking devices. Some little plugins are not work anymore, but its known. You can change the record path in the menu: settings -> system - record path, here you can change all you need.

    Not tested !!!


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    Re: DM800 BL75 Patched Ferrari SIM Only NFI Images

    OoZooN-CVS-full-dm800-20100206 ferrari patched

    # here is latest CVS Image from Enigma² "experimental" tree.
    # Enigma is of 06.02.2010
    # the plugins are of 06.02.2010
    # the drivers are of 17.01.2010
    # new kernel
    # secondstage is 75
    # changes at Enigma² can be pursued HERE

    # this image is available in two versions: lean and full. the lean is about 30,0 mb, the full is 41,8 mb.
    # everything what's stripped in the lean, can installed via plugin-download and also deinstalled!
    # the full-version contains all listed plugins and needed libs and is intended for all, who have their box not online
    # of course are plugins and libs deinstallable if not needed.

    # changes at oe:

    # own bootlogo's, artwork by clumsy
    # with satellites.xml - enigma² by Reinh@rd
    # additional kernelstuff: cdfs, ntfs, usbseriell, ftdi-sio und pl2303
    # changes of dccamd start
    # dccamd not included in image, can be installed via plugin download

    # changes at enigma:

    # MHW epg active
    # load patch for crossepg
    # bouquetbutton patch
    # pli channel-selection patch
    # .recordings patch

    # this image is updateble via plugins -> softwareupdate over internet!

    # OE Build Configuration:
    # BB_VERSION = "1.4.2-git"
    # TARGET_ARCH = "mipsel"
    # TARGET_OS = "linux"
    # MACHINE = "dm800"
    # DISTRO = "opendreambox"
    # DISTRO_VERSION = "1.5.0"
    # TARGET_FPU = "soft"

    Not tested !!!


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    Re: DM800 BL75 Patched Ferrari SIM Only NFI Images

    Peter Pan_Neverland-1.3.1 ferrari patched

    Enigma2 2.7 = 15.02.2010
    Drivere = 17.01.2010
    ferdig installert i imaget

    Not tested !!!


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    Re: DM800 BL75 Patched Ferrari SIM Only NFI Images

    EDG-Nemesis 1.0 for DM 800 HD ferrari patched

    Technical Infos:

    • Based on Ghost repository
    • Enigma 2.6 Experimental of: 24.12.2009
    • Enigma2-Plugins of: 24.12.2009
    • Linux version 2.6.12-r13
    • Web Interface: 1.6rc3
    • Busybox 1.01-r15
    • Date image 24.12.2009
    • OE 1.5
    • Bitbake 1.4.2
    • Secondstage 75-r0
    • Drivers date 17.01.2010

    Function Buttons:
    • BLUE - Nemesis Panel
    • BLUE > 1s Extensions
    • 2x BLUE - Addons
    • YELLOW – Timeshift
    • YELLOW > 1s Plugins
    • GREEN– EPG Control Center
    • GREEN > 1s subservices
    • RED – Record Menu

    Main Features:
    • Nemesis Panel 1.0
    [color:"Red"]• No enigma Restart after setting install by Blue Panel
    • No enigma Restart after plugins install by Blue Panel
    • Fully support for e2_loadepg
    • Restart enigma2 not needed to load EPG data in cache, after e2_loadepg execution[/color]
    • Support for your own scripts
    • Manage Start/Stop Services
    • Manage Start/Stop Services at boot
    • New Manage Kernel Modules
    • New System information
    • Start/Stop emu-cardserver separately
    • Support for your own addons server
    • Picon OSD by Channel Name or Reference
    • Support fo LCD picon by Channel Name or Reference
    • Mode Vision for LCD Brightness
    • Support for SWAP files
    • Inadyn Support, EZ-IpUpdate Support
    • Proxy Support
    • Support for Smargo
    • Samba server, Samba client, NFS Server
    • Run linux command
    • Choice for Input Box (default) or VirtulaKeyBoard (Experimental), for EPG Search and Run Command
    • Fixed Mediaset EPG
    • Added EPG black list,excluding channel in MHW epg (see /etc/enigma2/epg.blacklist)
    • Full Support for DVD playback/writer
    • Support for mkv files
    • Support for new BA
    • Add support for formatting USB Device

    Extra Info Bar:
    • Manual or Automatic Show
    • Can setting Auto-show delay
    • Can setting ECM info delay
    • Can setting EMM Info delay
    • Orbital position info for lot of SAT
    • Show/Hide Network info
    • Emu-Cs info
    • Lot of info

    EPG Control Center:
    • Setting EPG location USB, CF or HDD
    • Integrated CrossEPG v 0.3.2 loader directly form Sat, (Upgradable) by skaman
    • Integrated CrossEPG plugin by skaman
    • Support for SKY e SKY-IT-UK (2 sat) and australiasat
    • Manual EPG download
    • Scheduled EPG download, via Enigma2 Timer
    • Load EPG directly in enigma2 cache without restart enigma2
    • Backup EPG enigma2 Cache
    • Erasing EPG enigma2 Cache support
    • Fixed enigma2 crash for EPG descriptor problem
    • Log for scheduled download
    • EPG search
    • EPG search history


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