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Thread: Announcement: Enigma 2 Project

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    Announcement: Enigma 2 Project

    Announcement: Enigma 2 Project
    Hello community,

    now it is an alternative software for Azbox give some changes from the original exhibits.
    This software is created through support for Open / Impex satellite but does not come from there (btw Illegal plugins, etc.).
    The original firmware Support is not terminated.

    The changes to this Azbox E2 refer only to the TV Part
    That means everything else as well as the Azbox Menu, Media Player suw. will remain the same.
    Only the TV module has been replaced with that of E2 ... dfb, linuxdvbapi etc. were included for this reason.

    This software changes to enable faster channel switching, greater diversity of plug-ins, more stable EPG and TV enjoyment.
    Which of course is not possible, this is the Elite or Premium (without plus) as a twin receiver use .
    This will continue only to Premium Plus.

    The firmware will be released in the coming days and it would be nice if they would then find people who would work with us as a community then on to the firmware.
    DVB Linux programmers or people with Essential Enigma 2 skills can sign up to me and also if they do not Azbox her own name with such a supply.

    So as I said, we now get a basic framework of a Azbox original firmware with E2 TV Part in which we as a community must continue to work.
    Not everything is now functioning smoothly, but with time and with your help can be a very good project what the next Azbox finally brings forward.

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    Re: Announcement: Enigma 2 Project

    Anny news about Enigma 2?

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