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Thread: New firmware for SkyWalker

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    New firmware for SkyWalker

    New firmware for SkyWalker-1 (ver.2.13.x) is released
    New firmware for SkyWalker-2 (ver.2.13.6) is released

    This firmware supports few extra fec rates for Turbo-coded modulations.
    As well as fixes DSS QPSK which was broken in 2.12.x.
    New Interfaces (DVB Dream, SmartDVB, TSReader) are required to take advantage of new firmware. Check Software Updates section.
    For compatibility reason, new interfaces do not support older firmware versions (mostly, to avoid annoying questions like " I installed new DVB Dream interface but I still can not tune to this new fec rate. Why?").
    TSReader interface is coming out soon, when new version of TSReader gets released. Without this new version, new fec rates are still hidden from menu.
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