Mirada offers IBE 360º
Written by Iñaki Ferreras
Tuesday, 30 March 2010 17:02

Spanish interactive company Mirada has commercialised its new IBE 360º solution, using local producer Pirámide.

The agreement between Mirada and Pirámide will see new business models created. The new solutions are designed to work for advertising agencies, advertisers themselves and media companies.

The agreement brings to Spain the first technological solution which synchronises the audiovisual content among the main media outlets such as television, the internet and mobile phones. At the same time the solution can for the first time integrate the assorted databases of participants. The intention is to see viewers becoming users and clients and so be able to enjoy a unique interactive experience by using a computer or the mobile phone.

From the broadcasters and advertisers' point of view this means IBE 360º is the first solution which allows audience data to be gathered from different activity. For instance, using the same audiovisual content and to synchronize it with any other content that is in any way linked or sent to the internet or to the mobile terminals.

Mirada's new solution recognises a signal embedded in the content. Once the system spots the signal it automatically launches the required actions on the different media, and which can be designed in many different ways. These could include SMS, MMS or e-mail messages as well as changes in the content of a specific website, or notifications to an i-Phone application, or the inclusion of specific banners on selected web-pages or to include texts or images in a chat application.

Finally, in the case of the audiovisual content producers - or even advertising agencies - this solution opens the door to creative developments and production encouraging participation with the public.