The maximum number of participants in the cccam
Experts to the Forum:
I have server cccam on Dreambox 500 with gemini
image and EMU user 2.14 and became me use the
server for more than a year do not suffer from
the problems, but since about a week and I have a
problem which is that participants call me and
say the server many cutting not settle at all.
Expected reasons:
1 - Since this week I have added new subscribers
for the server !!!!!
2 - I added in a cccam.cfg after all lines C
Brofidarat unwanted channels and also after each
F lines worked the same way Brofidarat and master
to all the unwanted channels in the server
3 - Before the problem I have had 30 people with
a mutual means received and gave to them, and I
have 20 friends only give them from the server.
4 - After the problem I have had 30 people with
them means a mutual give and take, and I have 25
friends only give them from the server means that
i add 5 friends.

After mentioning the reasons for the expected ask
the following questions:
1_ Is there a limit to count users and the
server, if the answer is yes, then what is the
limit for this number of participants with an
indication of whether it is a recipient or a
recipient of it ?????
2_ Is prevention desired channels by adding the
provider:caid:sid after all lines C & F is a
reason to my problem????
3 -Can the user EMU 2.14 any role in the problem
because many are advised, but Imo 2.011 ????????
I hope the Forum experts advise me and benefit
the brothers in the capture of this forum as
possible and offer you my sincere thanks.