New Pcd Image v1.1

As DremForum-II images are not to be made any more - I attach a new similar image. It is basically a cvs image with a few extra features.

The image can be installed in flash or on multiboot.
When installing in flash a special feature to use
is "Increase available flash memory".

Image with enigma2-2.8git20100325

Extra setup (blue button) includes 

Increase memory
Network-Mount (with NetworkBrowser)
Software-Official from dreamboxupdate
EPG (with EPGImport)
Extra tools

Please see the screenshots (taken from dm600) for more details.

Default skin Nemesi Glassline-II mod.

Thanks to all Friends who have advised or contributed to my images. smile

No emulators or keys included.

Thx pcd

Pcd Image Dm7025