Flashing with USB stick

You can upgrade Vu+ Duo using USB memory stick, which is totally OS independent method.

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After builing the mbox-image, you can find following three files in the images folder.

1) mbox-image-bm750-xxxxxxxxxxxx.rootfs.jffs2
2) mbox-image-bm750-xxxxxxxxxxxx.vmlinux.gz
3) mbox-image-bm750-xxxxxxxxxxxx.boot.jffs2

Rename is as follows

1) root_cfe_auto.jffs2
2) kernel_cfe_auto.bin
3) boot_cfe_auto.jffs2

In USB memory stick, make \\vuplus\duo\ folder and copy the above 3 files to it.
(Make vuplus folder first and then make the subfolder duo )

Now USB memory stick has following 3 files at \\vuplus\duo\ folder.

1) \\vuplus\duo\root_cfe_auto.jffs2
2) \\vuplus\duo\kernel_cfe_auto.bin
3) \\vuplus\duo\boot_cfe_auto.jffs2

Insert USB Memory stick into the front USB socket and then Power Off / On the VuPlus.

After power-on, VuPlus Duo automatically start upgrade using the files in the USB memroy stick.

You can see the progress at the front VFD display.

After upgrade is finished, VFD will say that "Finished ...please reboot"

Then be sure to remove the USB, and then Power Off/On the VuPlus STB.