Hi , i am new to all this firmware upgrade and key loading thingy. i have a SR-X30CU usb receiver, i guess it 's a bit outdated now but anyway i am trying to find a recent firmware to upgrade to. it's real hard, does anyone know where i can find one? i actually found one the other day for a SR-X30CU ULTRA USB on the satdw.com website, dunno if it's the same model though or if it works and frankly i am not so keen on possibly screwing up my receiver testing it.
i want to know what model firmwares would possibly work on mine in case i could not find an update, i have been told that the X50CU series might so would the X3300 series but i am not sure. how do i know?
also, my current software does not have a way to load the keys for encrypted channels, is this what the loader is for? if so how can i find a loader that works with my model?