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Thread: new CCcam server, free for all...

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    new CCcam server, free for all...

    Hi All,
    I'm building my new CCcam server (i'm not a sat-noobe though :))... it's 24x7 on dedicated line..

    if you're interested to test it & take your space as a long-time peer on, PM me your C line, and some stats (not mandatory!) ... share your IM if u like to provide me feedback on how good the server is,

    happy CCcam sharing,


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    Lightbulb Growing CCcam server, room for active peers...

    Hi All, thanks to all my new peers.. this new server is growing nicely. very stable with good client usage % .. and i'm now stopping at hop3 for better stability..
    latest stats:
    total shares 1,600
    reshare: 480
    Hop 1 & 2: 100+

    i still have room for few more peers (5 to 10) who would like to join and make this server better for everyone connected.
    if you have min 10 reshares between hop 1/2 and would like to join us pls PM me ur active C line.

    i add peers daily with immediate activation.. no restart excpet when CCcam starts getting "sticky" (u know what i mean :))

    cheers & happy sharing,
    {P .:.}

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    Re: new CCcam server, free for all...

    Deleted Useless post use only PM

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