AB Image r-11834 for Ipbox 9000HD
AB Image r-11834 for Ipbox 9000HD


1. Added WiFi function at IP setup menu. Ralink series as rt2870 family USB WiFi dongle supported.
2. Updated smartcard driver V.1.4(Thanks to Pacco)
3. Other small bugs fixed.
4. Added current time line on Grid EPG Menu
5. Builted cross epg plugin(thanks to Sandro Cavazzoni)
6. Added RSS news function
7. Added blind scan menu with sharp tuner
8. Updated Fast Scan(NL) from V1.10 to V2.3
9. Updated Webinterface V.1.5.01(thanks to Nils)
10. Fixed bug for Upgrade via Network 11. Other small bugs fixed.

1. Prohibited to recording, and PIP function in Server box when Multiroom Service or Streaming Player is running. and The boxes should have same FTP user ID/Password with server box and client box when you use Multiroom service function
2. Caution : When encoding the file, Playback via XVID player will be affected by condition of a kind of CODEC, FPS(frame per second) and the Resolution. And XVID player doesnĄ