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Thread: Dreambox dm500-s problem

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    Dreambox dm500-s problem

    Hi Everybody, I have a dm500-s (gemini 470 no-bomb),
    one morning i had the green led shining in the front of the box but ni image on tv, i tried to connect it by the ip but no connection with dcc and the 3 led inside the box are shining in orange when the ethernet cable is connected.
    So i tried with dreamup and the serial port so i have unchecked the ip connection selected the serial port and click connect, then i turned on the box and nothing.
    i tried with different versions of dreamup ( ,,,, 2.14b, fordm500 one)
    but steel nothing.
    So i read messages on the web and they said i had to make a jtag cable so i do so, i made the jtag cable with 5 100ohm resistances and i did the solder on the motherboard like the tutorial said.

    First i used the program jtagdm500.exe entering the command:
    JtagDm500.exe -m dm500 -e 00:09:34:XX:XX:XX
    with the adress mac instead of XX:XX:XX

    then it start with the message :

    Dreambox dm500 board initialize
    then all the infos about my box
    (tuner alps)
    then it made a flash erase untill it said done
    then it start with the step "download" untill 100% and it put the message benvenidos amigos! COMPLETE! on my pc screen so i retried dreamup (all the versions) and steel nothing .
    I did the procedure 4 times and it never failed but my bos is steel not working
    i try a whole flash erase too with the argue -X in the command line and steel nothing.
    i noticed that during all the procedure, i get the green led shining.

    Then i tried another flashin program :

    DREAMFLASH for windows v0.1

    so i opened it and i noticed it said DREAMBOX 7000S bootloader flasher
    but that was a dm500s pack so i tried
    then i click connect button turning on the box in the same time,
    then it said:
    *** CPU and JTAG communications check ***
    ====>cpu seems to be ok
    *** Memory check ***
    ====>flash memory seems to be ok

    and there no more green light

    then i have no other button to press than write
    so i press write
    and there it start writing untill 100%
    a popup came and said finished!
    and when i closed the popUP is saw under the previous message (flash memory seems to be ok)
    3 lines :
    status: 0x80(OK)|
    status: 0x80(OK)|
    status: 0x80(OK)|

    so i closed the program and i turned off the box and unplug the lpt cable

    i retied dreamup (all versions) and steel nothing (i noticed the green led was back)

    i don't know what to do now am i doing something wrong?

    If someone can help me it would be great .

    Thank you all


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    Re: Dreambox dm500-s problem

    I had the same problem and I resolved it with change my power supply !
    Change the PS of your DM500.

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    Re: Dreambox dm500-s problem

    i have the same and i change the PS but still the same.
    green light is ON but no booting even afer flashing new image.
    HELO, SOS, please

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