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Thread: Enhanced MovieList with VLC stream support

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    Enhanced MovieList with VLC stream support

    Enhanced MovieList with VLC stream support (9 available languages)v0.89

    Here's the result of close to one year of modifying Enigma2's MovieList interface. Initially I wanted more control and flexibility over the recordings from the GUI and began modifying the Gemini2 image. Finally the work has gradually evolved into a separate plugin with no direct dependencies to the underlying image, other than the interfaces of the python classes from Enigma2. This has been publicly available to Finnish users via a local discussion forum for quite a while. Now I'm posting this here also incase there may be other users outside Finland interested in this extension.

    :469:NOTE: This plugin does not overwrite any Enigma2 files.

    Available languages

    (most translations created by the local users)
    When installed the plugin will be in English if a translation matching the GUI language is not found.

    How to create a new translation
    After installing the plugin the latest update of the translation template file can be found at:
    Here's how I compile the Finnish translation on Ubuntu Linux:
    msgfmt locale/fi/LC_MESSAGES/Suomipoeka.po -o locale/fi/LC_MESSAGES/
    Also possible to use Poedit

    Filled templates can be posted into this thread or emailed to me and I will include them into the releases. Note that as the plugin is developed further the message strings may get changed an new ones added, this means that all the translation files need to get updated to be complete. New translations can be added and tested in the plugin after the installation.. A GUI restart is needed to enable a new translation for the used GUI language.

    Main Features
    - *Very* fast operation compared to the original E2 MovieList
    - Full directory support
    - More control over the movie files (move, delete, dir create, empty dir delete)
    - Multiselection (pressing the video-button on a movie) for all available operations (delete, move and playlist)
    - Files can be moved or renamed during playback / recording (Linux filesystem feature)
    - Files can be deleted while being played (playback will be stopped or file is removed from playlist)
    - Ongoing recording is shown in the movie list
    - Recording can be stopped via the movie list
    - Trashcan option (if you don't like it, put "days remain" to 0 and "trashcan hide"=yes)
    - File operations done in the background (currently 3 shell execution unit instances, can be scaled up if required)
    - Files being moved across mount points e.g. from internal HDD to an NFS/CIFS NAS share (or vice versa) do not block the GUI
    Other plugin features:
    - Allows usage of different GUI and EPG languages without messing up the EPG
    - Automatic cleanup of done-timers
    - Automatic daily restarting of Enigma (prevents device crashing in heavy usage)
    - Possibility to speedup the remote control key input

    MovieList Controls
    - Cursor keys: navigate list normally
    - Info: standard Enigma EventView
    - Menu: pops up the MovieSelectionMenu
    - TV-button: reload current directory
    - VIDEO-button: Select / deselect files for multiselection
    - TEXT-button: Multi-selection *toggle* begin / end
    - OK: play current movie selection / playlist
    - RED: delete selected movies (permanently if "days to remain in trashcan"==0)
    - GREEN: Alpha sort / date sort toggle
    - YELLOW: Move currently selected movies (LocationBox opened if cursor not on top a directory)
    - BLUE: Movie home / Play last (configurable)

    Here's some screenshots.. View of the configuration options for the plugin:

    Extended description field enabled and view of the menu function:

    Multiselection (pressing the video-button on a movie) for all available operations (delete, move and playlist):

    Q: What is the "cifs* files operation" setting?
    A: On Samba CIFS filesystem Linux creates "cifs"* (randomly numbered e.g. cifs7645) files when files that are being used by some process get deleted by some other process. For some reason these files are not deleted by the filesystem when the first process using the file finally releases it. I added this option when I was using recording over a Samba CIFS mount. This way I didn't have to worry about these grabage files left on the drive. If you're not using a CIFS mount you can ignore this setting as it will have no effect.

    Q: What is the "cursor to newest" setting?
    A: The "cursor to newest" settings simply move the cursor on top of the newest recording when the list is opened (from tv mode or playback mode). By setting on the reversed list order this effect will probably be more visible.

    - Multi-selection support for VLC streams
    - Menu option for playing the contents of a directory and its subdirectories as a playlist (good for mp3s)
    - Some indicator to show recording progress in the movie list
    - Some mechanism to detect if a movie is being copied to the recordings folder (and show it in the list immediately)

    Known issues
    - Some GUI slowdown during permanent delete with new images (trashcan delete is a lot faster)

    Version 0.89-r1:
    - Added Turkish locale
    - Update for German locale

    Version 0.89-r0:
    - Fixed playlist GUI freeze issue with new Enigma2 versions
    - Cleanup of VLC Plugin interfacing
    Version 0.88-r4:
    - Fix for CVS get() change (now should work on old and new CVS versions)
    New in version 0.88-r3:
    - Changed movielist plugin menu (AUDIO button) logic, menu no longer closed prematurely (should fix some modal open crarshes with some plugins)
    - Added setting for enabling/disabling the cursor predictive move after selection
    - Added Danish locale
    - Some minor fixes
    New in version 0.88-r2:
    - German locale updated
    New in version 0.88-r1:
    - Italian locale updated
    New in version 0.88-r0:
    - VLC player plugin interfacing update (works with 2.5 and 2.6c)
    - Added "Go to trashcan" menu option to MovieSelectionMenu
    - Added extensions menu launch option to SP-MoviePlayer
    New in version 0.87-r2:
    - Fix for timers list delete (crashed when deleting via Enigma's timer editor)
    - If Enigma crashes and resumes recording, those are now also displayed correctly with the red icon in the Enhanced MovieList
    - Italian locale updated
    New in version 0.87-r1:
    - Fix for timer event handling (repeating timers were stuck in REC mode indefinitely)
    - Timer list cleaning fix
    New in version 0.87:
    - Fixed VLC file list filtering issues (some file types got filtered out)
    - Added more async timer instances for delayed function calling (permanent delete sometimes blocked the GUI a bit)
    - Rewrote the record timer handling, simple and more efficient now
    New in version 0.86-r1:
    - Update for interfacing with VLC Player plugin dated 1.7.2008
    - Spanish locale updated
    New in version 0.86:
    - Fixed a few strings that didn't translate correctly
    - New plugin icon
    - A few new icons for the movie list modified some of the existing ones
    - Added movie file size display in the event info field
    - Changed the movie list background to match Glassline skin
    - Some smaller bug fixes
    - New German, Finnish and Swedish locales
    New in version 0.85-r1:
    - VLC streams virtual directory only shown if VLC Player plugin is installed
    - Reduced the size of the movielist dialog to make sure it fits on the screen
    - Date field size increased to ensure the date is always completely visible
    - Some icon enhancements
    - Included Swedish translation, updated Spanish and German
    New in version 0.85:
    - On some skins (e.g. blueline) the fonts are so big that the date does not completely fit in its field
    - Support for VLC streams by interfacing with the VLC plugin (no multiselect support yet)
    - Some cosmetic fixes
    New in version 0.84:
    - Multi-selection options are now *very* powerful (VIDEO-button = toggle single, TEXT-button = multi toggle begin / end)
    - New icon for MP3 audio files
    - Move / delete operations now also work on .mp3, .mpeg and .mpg files
    - Watched / not watched toggle for files, (RADIO-button, renames the cuts file if exists)
    - Separated available movielist-plugins into another menu behind AUDIO-button
    - Date order as a secondary rule for alpha-sort (for movies with the same name)
    - Added Spanish and Dutch locales
    New in version 0.83:
    - Ongoing recording is now shown in the MovieList
    - Recording can be stopped from the MovieList
    New in version 0.82:
    - Added Finnish, Italian and German translations
    - Added help screen
    - New advanced seek mode for the movie player (bouquet +- buttons, configurable from settings)
    - Fixed the bug that caused a blue screen if: delete currently played + exit MovieList and "re-open after STOP" is enabled
    - Minor bugfix, deleted movies are now correctly removed from the playlist if required
    New in version 0.81:
    - fixed "Delete does not work if the trashcan directory doesn't exist"
    - fixed the movie path access limit setting
    - description field slightly enhanced
    - movie title loading from meta files (optional, slows loading maybe %1 )
    - icons for movie files in the list
    - blue / red icon depending on if movie watched or not (optional)
    - movie file size display in the title field
    - re-open after stop-press fixed
    New in version 0.80:
    - Added button images to the plugin directory to make installation easy and avoid playing with symlinks
    - Added support for selecting MovieList launch button override (Video-button, TV-button, Radio-button, Quick-button or Timeshift-button)
    - Fixed the bug causing a bluescreen when /hdd/movie directory was not found during bootup
    - Fixed a few cosmetic issues with the MovieList extended description field

    root@dm7025:~> ipkg install enigma2-plugin-extensions-suomipoeka_x.y.z-r0_mipsel.ipk

    root@dm7025:~> ipkg remove enigma2-plugin-extensions-suomipoeka_x.y.z-r0_mipsel
    Can also be installed via the manual addon install feature available on many images. Requires GUI restart to enable the plugin.
    ...Created a new "SimpleRename" companion plugin for Movielist.

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