Suomi TV goes to air with BTS

Thursday, 08 April 2010

Helsinki-based Suomi TV has chosen Broadcast Traffic Systems' BTS Express to handle advertisement sales and placement-planning on Finland's new free-to-air Family Channel.

"BTS was chosen for its ability to integrate its traffic management software closely with third-party automation systems, in this case from Pebble Beach," explained Jukka Keski-Loppi of Finnish broadcast systems integrator TV Tools which supervised installation of the technical infrastructure. "Serving young and adult audiences, Suomi TV had very specific requirements concerning rules-based automatic placement of commercials. Express allows the station to apply strict guidelines ensuring that specific interstitials are placed in their correct genre and timeframe. This includes the ability to predefine the location of each commercial to a start-break, centre-break or end-break. Installation of the entire system went very smoothly and the new studio was fully operational within just a few weeks. The BTS elements were delivered and configured online."

"The most efficient solution for Suomi TV was to combine the standard BTS Express software with our Advanced Advertising Sales module and an Audience Ratings module," added Nigel Thomas who co-ordinated the BTS elements of the project. "The Advanced Advertising Sales module allows sales bookings, sales contract management and sales finance to be handled within a co-ordinated workflow. Using the Audience Ratings element, viewing data can be imported directly from a ratings agency and a practically limitless number of demographics can be stored. The ratings information is used to calculate key measurement factors such as cost-per-thousand and cost-per-rating."

The features contained within BTS Express are based on the comprehensive BTS Enterprise application and are designed to give an integrated traffic and ad-sales product that will support a multichannel environment. The whole process from order to implementation can be completed