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Thread: Vali-XD Experimental skins

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    Vali-XD Experimental skins

    Vali-XD Experimental (for 8* und 500hd oe1.6, 7025-oe1.5)

    Vali-XD is the successor of KingSize.
    XD comes from eXtended Definition (1024x576)
    So ... should all look the same and E2-boxes
    Vali-XD shall have an easily readable as a result of the larger fonts.
    The speed is quite good, because twice as much pixels as in the HD-Skins draw.
    However, it is important that you turn off the overscan at 7025 boxes at the TV.
    Step 1 is done and Vali-XD is now in to download.
    In the experimental image neuersten (for 8 * and 500hd oe1.6, 7025-oe1.5)
    one may also use Software Manager.
    This is the base version. An ordinary CVS Skin
    Works with HD (100x60) as well as with SD picons.
    As a next step, I have planned that I check Vali-XD Controller.
    It is then downloaded to all CVS-based image and
    everyone can then all Styles (50), all channel list / EPG variants
    but also the channel number renderer & co + set any colors themselves.
    So ... KingSize real functionality just
    Daweil could taste the Base version, if one has to Lüst.

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