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Thread: Prog transponders updater

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    Prog transponders updater


    Prog Transponders Updater ver 2.10

    - This plugin is for md applications.
    - It is free for all.
    - It can be used to update Transponders files for about 57 satellites from the web.
    - You can Update one sat by network search,
    And Or Web Update to update 57 TP files with single click within your app in just a few seconds.
    - Or you can update the files you want in a single way.
    - It is very useful for progdvb.
    - You can use it with any other md API applications.

    What is new?

    -Rewrite Network search code.

    -How to use Network Search
    1st, you should know the transponder(s) that contains NIT data (network frequencies).
    2nd, tone ton any channel on a network frequency
    Third click "Start Search" and wait a few seconds until search finished.
    3rd, if current satellite has multiple network frequencies, repeat the two previous steps until you get all new frequencies.
    4th, click save selected, you will find a file named xxxx.ini in application folder.
    5th, copy xxxx.ini to "Transponders" folder.
    6th, restart your application then start channel scan.
    Do a network search for progdvb and Hotbird 13E:-
    Tone to 10758, v
    Click "Start Search", wait until search finished.
    Tone to 12418, V
    Click "Start Search", wait until search finished.
    Click "save selected", you will find a file named 0130.ini in progdvb folder.
    Copy 0130.ini to ProgDVB\Transponders.
    Restart progdvb and start channel scan

    -How to use web update

    Requires internet connection to update transponders from
    Just click "update all sats"
    Wait until "all satellites have been updated successfully".
    Restart your application and start channel scan
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